Wifi for Schools

JSL Education Systems are a Ruckus Big Dog partner and install, configure and maintain Ruckus Wifi in Schools and Colleges covering Bucks, Beds, Berks, London and the South East.
Wifi has very quickly become one of the most important components of your schools network. Reliable, safe and secure WiFi networks are a must when delivering online curriculums, learning assessments, and educational content among students and teachers.
Ruckus Wifi offers greater coverage across your campus with fewer access points and less Ethernet cabling than any other manufacturer and with so many wireless devices levelling high demand across your school the right Wifi solution is critical.
Visitors at your school now more than ever are requesting wireless internet connectivity and with Ruckus guest networks can be created to ensure no accidental access to your schools private network.
To extract the very best coverage for your school, access points must be positioned correctly, our engineers with specialist mapping software can create a footprint of your school layout and insure your school is completely covered and with Ruckus WiFi that means those outbuildings that with other manufacturers could never obtain a signal now have a resilient connection.
With Ruckus WiFi your School will have reliable Wifi to deal with high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, large data transfer will not pose any problems and even in very dense areas optimal connectivity is assured and as your school grows or your WiFi requirements change Ruckus networks offer the perfect Scalable, futureproof solution.
If you would like to evaluate Ruckus WiFi for your school we can offer loan equipment for a period so you can confirm what has been said here, just contact our sales team on 01494 410777 or mail us HERE for more information.
Please also remember JSL Education Systems offer a free network check and audit to potential new customers with absolutely no obligation to buy from us.